If you’ve had a look at the previous page of dandelions or taraxacum, you’ll know I love the shape and form of these temporary jewels. Here I really investigate the qualities I love so much and let my love of colour run away with me

Taraxacum Splosh

Using expressive marks and techniques with colour, I love to explore the circular form of dandelion clocks


Loose intricate paintings that suggest a fairytale landscape. After all you should make a wish when you see a dandelion clock


Although dandelion clocks have a very soft texture, a way of describing this in paint is by using texture.

Continuous line, well almost

Loose depiction of the circular form with bold outlines

What is going to emerge?

Dots and splodges of loose ink inform the emerging image. Oh I do love a circle

Dreams do come true

Warm fresh colour, mixed media pieces on canvas

Really can’t help going down the circle route…it’s never ending

Abstract Taraxacum