“Weeds are Flowers too” Collection of mixed media pieces on canvas 50cm x 50 cm all exhibited as part of The Brentwood Art Trail

Pop Art Flowers

A hightened version of the natural world. Hints of street art. Gold tints. Mixed media on canvas Created for Burnham Art Trail 2022

Agapanthus Glitch Series

Mixed media street art inspired paintings of the agapanthus blooms. Created for Lloyd’s Art Group 70cm x 70cm

Cow Parsley

Interesting view of a plant seen as a weed, but boy is it a beauty

Various Flower Paintings

These paintings reflect the seasons and my investigations in colour, technique and media throughout my recent practice

Spring Flower Collection

Using alcohol inks and mixed media to capture the joy of the emerging season

Semi Abstract Daffodils

Mixed media landscape paintings exploring graphic qualities of nature

Host of Golden Daffodils

Commissioned Mixed Media on canvas paintings. Really has an impact in their new home

All in a row, row, row

Highly textured mixed media piece brightening up its new home

Pussy Willow

Truly a glamorous spring offering. Lots of embellishment. The first image is a commissioned piece


Large scale pop of early spring hanging in its forever setting. Gorgeous.

Spring Magnolias

These beauties are available as cards


Got to love a bit of cherry or apple blossom

Graphic Daisies

Contrasting the made and natural world with colour and pattern


Really relevant symbols of positivity

In an English Country Garden

Painting all that’s going on in our garden. Really lucky to be so inspired and surrounded

Original Drawings

Original pen and ink drawings on coloured Ingres paper with highlights in gold

Daisy Chains

Mixture of different graphic images of daisies

Green Eyed?

The colour of the season. Oh yes of course


Bold details of unfurling ferns. Love the coiled leaves. Patterned backgrounds compliment the detailed imagery of the plants

I do hope you enjoyed my approach to the natural world around us