I was blown away but the support that I received during my recent exhibition at The Little Known Studio Gallery in Leigh on Sea. I really can’t tell you how much this means to me.

Those who came in and said hello and asked about my work made such a difference to me. There is nothing like receiving the affirmation of public comment.

If you could buy positivity, it would be priceless I think. I know how it has made me feel.

Something special about seeing your work all together and remember the processes involved in creating them. especially when you had forgotten you’d even created them.

It’s for sure that the obsessions I have with colour and circular form where noted and commented on. Maybe time to move in a different direction? I don’t think that thought would have occurred to me without the work being seen all together and with the input of the views of people I do not know.

It was truly fabulous to engage with fellow creatives and get their thoughts on exhibiting and making. Connections made and faces put to social media accounts. But most of all, great to realise how lovely these people are.

To say that I appreciate the opportunity that Andy Downes has given me to show my work, is an understatement. I can not recommend highly enough the experience. It gave me the boost of self-esteem I needed and my work, the exposure it would never have had otherwise.

And then there were the sales! It always surprises me that my work is in houses of people I do not know, and this happened during the exhibition. This gives me the confidence to continue and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.

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