It’s such a delight to be included in the artistic and creative communities that surround me.

Inside of Blume Lifestyle my work as part of The Rayleigh Art Trail 2022

I am so lucky to be included in a number of art trails. However when I look at the spectacular work that’s included, I often feel like an imposter…or is that just me?

“Weeds are Flowers Too” series. The Brentwood Art Trail at Urban Edge Hairdresser in Shenfield

It always blows me away that there are so many people who are there to support the arts. Those who organise events and connect with small business, do so with expertise and often without financial recompense. They allow us to show our work to a wider audience and communicate with larger numbers of people. And thank m sure we all appreciate them.

“Deep in the Weeds“
“Cow Parsley“

It’s not just Art Trails that are part of the community, it’s exhibitions and art markets.

Concrete Canvas Art Market 2022 Bond Street Bowl
Brave Arts at Concrete Canvas
Andy Downes at Concrete Canvas
Concrete Canvas

More to come from me. Will keep you updated with the summer’s artistic pursuits

Until then, I’m off for a bit of a rest

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