Burnham Art Trail at Holicity

The sun is finally out. And there is a summer of art in Essex, finally without restrictions….hooray!

I said I was going to be busy and I haven’t lied.

The image above is my exhibition during Burnham Art Trail. Unfortunately, not the best shots of the windows as the sunshine caused reflections. Shouldn’t complain, as its been so grey, miserable and cold of late.

The following day I was lucky enough to hang an exhibition in The Rayleigh Windmill

Rayleigh Windmill gleaming in the sunshine

This is a fabulous location with a really attractive gallery space. There, of course, is an issue about a building like this…

What a staircase!

We managed to get the work up there and hang the exhibition. Some of the exhibition relates to National Flowers of The Commonwealth, and as a result I have created worksheets and paintings related to the theme.

The National Flowers of The Commonwealth

The windmill has four floors open and apparently another two which aren’t. On three of the floors there are displays about Rayleigh and the windmill.

Collage of Images of Exhibition

Meanwhile I’ve still got work up in the Brentwood Art Trail finishing on 26th June

Brentwood Art Trail at Urban Edge Shenfield

And I nearly forgot…I’ve been able to exhibit three pieces at The Art Place in The Meadows in Chelmsford

Go On Make A Wish
Wild Clover
Dream a Rainbow

And now for a little peace and quiet I think!

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