Looking forward to being part of this inaugural event

Phew what a long hot summer we’ve been having!

After a good old rest from the madness of the beginning of the summer, all of those exhibitions and art trails, it’s now time to start gearing things up for the Autumn.

Let’s start with an event I’m really pleased to be part of. The Cliff’s Pavillon craft fare on Sunday 28th August. Loads of fabulous local makers and artisanal goods to meet and get stuck into.

Then a real highlight of the artistic calendar, THE OLD LEIGH ARTISTS MARKET at Strand Wharf Old Leigh on the bank holiday Monday 29th August. Let’s pray it’s not too hot and the weather stays kind. Love meeting all the fabulous humans that visit and having such a good time with my fellow artists. Just need to make sure I don’t spend too much money on their amazing work.

Then onto the next event…exhibiting at the Rayleigh Mill on 11th September as a day of culture…the Rayleigh Mill has been saved for the community and it is the first event back since that decision was taken. Grateful that I have been invited to be part of this.

Then onto the next one! Are you still with me?

Looks like I’m part of the group show as part of The New City Gallery. This is such an exciting opportunity and I do so love my fellow exhibitors. Lots of variety and quality and affordable local art too. This will be in their new permanent exhibition space at Unit 22 Grainger Road Southend. More info to follow.

Then the image above needs a little attention. So excited to be part of this inaugural event. This should be so much fun! Loads of organisation to come but can’t wait!

This is just the beginning and more info to follow, along with loads of photos, so get ready for the photo bombing?!?

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