Exciting times at Lloyds of London

Well what a long hot summer that has been

As the rain is finally falling, it is the now the time to get organised and get ready for some new artistic ventures

Exciting news! I’m delighted to let you know that I will be Artist in Residence in a local secondary school. Can’t wait to share some of the exciting collaborative work that these young creatives make. Who knows where that journey will go!

When you get something back for your hard work

Then out of the blue, I was contacted and asked if I wanted to be part of this local event. Only got this invitation because of my Rayleigh Windmill exhibition. Does that mean I’m part of the local cultural scene?

I’ve been super busy and not really given over much time for painting, but been planning what will be available at various fairs and events. Which brings to mind my new Christmas cards

We often think that the Autumn is a time for slowing down. But it appears the art community isn’t following the script

This is a new event for me, The Noise Festival in Thundersley. October half term is the date. Loads of child friendly activities and art too. More information to come about the work and venue

Gearing up for this

It has been lovely to be part of the art community in the Southend area. Exhibiting at the Old Leigh Artist Market again, and alongside some of my fellow New City Gallery members

August Bank Holiday on Strand Wharf Leigh on Sea

And then visiting fellow artists and friends on the Leigh Art Trail

And then, popping into Southend to see the great street art as part of The Southend City Jam. Have to feel so lucky to be here and know lots of the artists taking part. Some of the work will be there all year round.

Then there is that spectacular event that I am so lucky to be part of…The Lloyds Art Group Autumn Exhibition in October at The Lloyds of London Library. Due to the pandemic this event has not taken place here for 3 years. It’s a beautiful space. Love the private view too

Oh and I nearly forgot, part of a charity exhibition in Burnham on Crouch. Supporting the heritage of an ancient church


And of course there is The East Hanningfield Exhibition too! Phew so much arty stuff

Plus lots of fairs etc!

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