The Porthole Wall at The People’s Gallery

First fair of the year done

St Michael’s Daws Heath

Fabulous event organised by a great local group for World Earth Day

I had no idea whether this would be an event that would suit my work but I needn’t have worried. The venue in the woods was beautiful and the fellow stall holders lovely and I made some good sales too

World Earth Day fair

Next event on the horizon

One of the most anticipated events of the art calendar.

Old Leigh Artist Market on Strand Wharf on Bank Holiday Monday

The weather held

It was touch and go with the weather. And in the current economic climate I was not able expecting very much. I was wrong.

It was my most successful event to date

As ever the most wonderful day chatting and making connections and all in the most friendly atmosphere

Although exhausted, planning for the next day had to take place. And the next day was a buggy

Been painting a series of mixed media work as part of my Artist in Residence at a local secondary school. These have formed my exhibition at The People’s Gallery at The Forum

Preparation for a large exhibition called “Origins” has been on going. Varnishing, framing, writing, printing and mounting ing has taken ages and is not the least enjoyable of jobs but has to be done.

I thought the hang would be straightforward but couldn’t be further from the truth. 3 hours later and it was done

This exhibition is based on aspects of location and is an abstract exploration of maps and flora

To my delight my fellow exhibitor is a hugely talented photographer Terry Mendoza. His work is exquisite and complements my work too

Tough old hang so needed a treat afterwards…tapas on the beach. Yum

But the organisation doesn’t stop there

Getting ready for 3 Art Trails, Rayleigh, Brentwood and Burnham

Preparation is always so important for these events and is now my main focus or should be if I weren’t just about to embark in a massive and I mean massive painting!

Oh and it doesn’t stop there either! Concrete Canvas at Chelmsford before all of that

Concrete Canvas 2023

Looking forward to this. Just hope the weather plays ball. Design ready for the Openreach Cabinet. Based on Marconi Pools in Chelmsford

Can’t wait to show off final outcome

So to sign off lots on and lots to do

My Exhibition

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