Poster for Origins Exhibition, The People’s Gallery at The Forum 2nd-29th May 2023

It would appear that staying still is not me

Onwards and upwards. Exhibition time

Not content with having work in The Hype Gallery, I thought I’d exhibit in two other venues

So first one, The Ironwoks

Elements Series at The Ironworks Southend

These large textured pieces are currently exhibited in this vibrant community arts space. They are apt for this exciting space.

These are based on the elements and nature. Love working bold colour. And of course pattern and shape.

Can’t wait to see them

Next venue is ThePeople’s Gallery at The Forum

Next venue Forum Southend

So excited to be having an exhibition in this fabulous space.

The exhibition is called “Origins” and has pieces of work that I have created as a result of my time spent as an Artist in Residence at a local secondary school.

This has been a really wonderful time.. Meeting with focused and engaged students. Their desire to express their artistic ideas in a variety of media is wonderful to see and is so infectious

It has allowed me to re-engage with my own practise in a more interesting and pleasing way. I have revisited my passions for ways of working that are less about commercial acceptance and more about fulfilling my own interests and desires

And I am more than pleased with the things I have achieved. The same elements that are in my more mainstream work; colour, layering, form and pattern, are there, but they have been expressed more clearly.

So although the theory is that students will gain a lot from working alongside a professional artist, I think I’ve got much more out of the experience than they have.

These paintings relate to the area in which we work, play and live

Although semi abstract, these images relate directly to fundamental principles of our existence in the 21st century. Location, environment and nature.

The colour palette is different in each one to evoke mood and emotion

The motifs are similar throughout. Line, symbol, shapes referring to natural forms and man made spces

The paintings focus on maps, roads, symbols, signs, natural forms of leaves and cells, with topographical and landscape city scape added for good measure

They are complex, intricate and bold paintings of a re-imagined place

Details become obscured by colour glazes and washes, overlapping forms and deliberate disruption

Can’t wait to see all of them together


But it doesn’t stop there oh no

Got my first fair of the year celebrating Earth Day with guided walks to the bluebells in the nearby woods

It’s that time of year again when one of the highlights of the local artistic calendar makes its way onto the scene

Old Leigh Artist Market on Strand Wharf May Bank Holiday Monday

So love being with fellow creatives, chewing the fat, meeting the art loving public and of course hopefully making sales

Art on Strand Wharf Old Leigh

Lets hope we have a bit of spring sunshine and a happy crowd

And then I need to gear up for the summer of art trails

Rayleigh is first, then Brentwood and Burnham

And after that exhibiting at Rayleigh Windmill what a fabulous opportunity?

Oh and I nearly forgot a bit of street art to finish off the month, creating a unique piece. And then finally the fair at the closing event Exciting, exciting, exciting

Can’t wait to be involved in this again

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