Look I’m in the press
Quote from paper….excuse the typo, not me

Celebrating my work on open evening of Hype Gallery

What a big grin on that face. Its because those are my paintings in a new white walled professional gallery

These are part of the “Origins” series created as part of my Artists in Residence at St Bernards

They are based on location, place, maps, leaves and cells.

As for the evening … was really good. Enjoyable, exciting and interesting. Friends and contacts all together. And just so grateful to be alongside some really prestigious artists

I even made it in to the press

But this wasn’t”t the only exhibition I’ve been involved with this month. I have been lucky enough to be included in The Spring Exhibition at Navistitch in the beautiful Essex town of Manningtree. Having never been there before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved it. Great local shops and high street. Fabulous;ous location on the River Stour. Great walks and historic landmarks.

My two pieces surrounded by some spectacular works of art

The venue itself is just wonderful. And it so nice to be in such great company. 50 artists, beautifully curated by Sam Luxford, a stitch artist

Also been a greatmonth for new ventures. I have been very lucky to have been involved in a workshop delivered to students at The King John School.

This was a workshop for mixed ability students, celebrating personal identity and diversity

They seemed to enjoy it and gained in confidence. I certainly had a great time and look forward to delivering more of these in the future

Self Identity Workshop at The KJS

Continuing to work as Artist in Residence, which has resulted in the continuation of the creation of the “Origins” series


Not sure what I’ll do when it all comes to an end. have absolutely loved it

And finally…..

Grateful to be part of The Ukrainian Wall at The Ironworks

It’s a collection of work curated to commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of the horrific war in Ukraine. A number of talented artist are exhibiting alongside a Ukrainian artist

My work

This piece is inspired by the folk embroidery of Ukraine. the use of colour and symbols to celebrate the unique identity of this oppressed country

More to come next month

A fair at the end of the month and a larger exhibition at The Ironworks Exciting!

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