Nature’s Music

As an artist it”s very easy to panic that you haven’t got anything planned to engage with an audience. So panic starts to set in.

So I often need to have a word with myself and say” Let’s calm down and make some rational decisions. Do what you want to and what will make some differences to yourself, your work and make you happy.”

Therefore It’s great when you get an email inviting you t be part of a charity exhibition in a local beautiful gallery.

“Small Things Make A Difference” at The Two Tree Gallery in support of `The One Love Project Southend

Make A Wish

This was my offering, a mixed media little painting. And guess what it’s dandelion clocks.

Was great ti be represented with lots of other great local artists and of course some of them my pals!

Even more delighted to say that this sold and therefore meant that there was a donation given to a serving local charity

Nature’s Music Detail 1

But what’s been such a fabulous experience has been the continued Artist in Residence. This has focussed my practice and ensured exploration of themes I might otherwise ignore.

It has also meant a disciplined undertaking of a series of abstract paintings in different sizes and in a different technical approach

These paintings relate to maps, cells, leaves and origins.

My work has always been grounded in geometry and colour and this has grown stronger in part to do with the nature of the subject matter

There have been great interventions and suggestions from the students at the school. I’ve loved being surrounded by their enthusiasm and dedication.

I shall miss them when I leave


There are more to come as I’e really enjoyed this series.

Think they will be part of an exhibition in May, but more information to come. Watch this space.

Applications for exhibitions and art trails are going in and booking craft fares for the winter months have started

Trio of Jelly Hearts

Just reframed this print into a copper frame.

Well that has just elevated this limited print. This little fella, is going off to an exhibition at a local arts venue called The Ironworks.

So even though the time of year is often seen as miserable and we are living in very difficult;t times, things can only get better and may be art is the way

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